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Reducing Risk Without Sacrificing Growth

The large investment firms will tell you, "Bigger is better."  But is it?


At Acentrus Financial Partners, we prefer to say, "Agile is better."  Especially when it comes to rapid changing market conditions and complex global economic environment.


The largest firms won't be able to be nimble.  They won't be able to rapidly adapt to market shifts.  Because they're steering the equivalent of a giant ocean-going oil tanker.  Think they can turn on a dime?


At Acentrus Financial Partners, we recognize that sometimes the most important investment decision isn't what to buy when, but instead, when not to buy at all.

Fields of Expertise:

Evaluating Investment Time Horizons

Quantitative Equity Analysis

Retirement Planning

Retirement Fund Rollovers / Transfers

Tax-Efficient Investing

Focusing on Investment Products in the following areas:

Domestic & Foreign Stocks

Mutual Funds

Exchange Traded Funds

Corporate / Municipal / Federal Government Bonds


Equity Options

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